Online Casino Pioneers – Who Are They and How Did They Do It?

Online Casino Pioneers - Who Are They and How Did They Do It?

Online Casino Pioneers – Who Are They and How Did They Do It? Online gambling is an easy yet tricky platform to earn more money. The platform now has millions of millions of active members from numerous online casino sites. Indeed you are one of them— one of the millions of casino players who desire to win the jackpot.

Online casinos or the casino itself offers a spectacular beyond imagination winning amount. It lures players to play the game and hit the jackpot. Unimaginable jackpot prizes are proven to be achievable by these online casino pioneers who have hit the jackpot. In this article, we will get to know them more and discover how they did it.


Online Casino Pioneer #1:The Coates Family

coates familyThe Coates family is one of the many who lead the online gambling industry, starting their business since 2000. Along with his son John and daughter Denise, Mr. Peter Coates established a land-based casino turned into a national brand, called the bet365 sportsbook. The family-owned casino has several betting shops but then decided to sell them for £40m and focused on the online casino business.

The family started their business in the new platform in March 2011. While the online platform was just getting created, Peter strategically engages himself in Labour-party politically oriented donations, that eventually benefited and brought him fortunes. Nowadays, Peter Coates openly supports UK gambling regulations, affirming that they have the best UK rules and how it should be copied abroad.


Online Casino Pioneer #2: Victor Chandler

victor chandler

The owner of BetVictor is famously known as the ‘second to none’ in the gambling industry. He was also named as the ‘gentleman bookmaker’ and specializes in online gambling. The betting business, BetVictor, was inherited to Victor by his father in 1975, based in the UK. By the 1990s, he opened his business in Antigua after seeing a broader potential market and started accepting foreign football wagers. Through this it eliminated the need of the players to pay UK tax when betting. Today, the company has successfully built its domain in Gibraltar, being the largest private employer with over 400 people in their team. The company has been doing great in Gibraltar, and going back to the US is not as urgent yet.


Avi and Aaron Shaked

avi shaked

The Shaked brothers got the idea of starting in the casino industry while they were in a casino at Monte Carlo, attending a dentist’s conference.  Aaron, along with his brother Avi established Virtual Holdings Limited after partnering with brothers Ron and Shay-Ben-Yitzhak.  Times later, they turned the company’s name into 888 Holdings. Unfortunately, one of the Shaked brothers, Aaron, died in 2010. Nowadays, Avi continues his political career. The company is still going strong as ever with the Avi and Ben-Yitzhak, still holding most shares and control in their online casino business.

The Coates Family, The Shaked Family, and Victor Chandler are among the leading pioneers who have successfully led their way in the online gambling industry. The first few people who rule the online gambling industry have earned millions and opened doors for other casinos.

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